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MTS - Material Technology Solutions are market leading suppliers of clean room products and cleanroom supplies throughout South Africa including Johannesburg, Gauteng.

The following represents our most popular clean room supplies range, however please enquire about other products not shown.

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  1. Dry Wipes
  2. Pre-wetted Wipes
  3. Gloves
  4. Glove Liners
  5. Mop Systems
  6. Peel-Off Tacky Mats
  7. Chemicals
  8. Documentation Systems
  9. Cleanroom Stools & Chairs
  10. Cleanroom Garments

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Clean Room gloves, sterile gloves and cleanroom hand protection products are worn to protect your hands, as well as your products when working in a controlled environment.

Latex Sterile Gloves

Size: S - XXL

Quantity: 5 Gross (720 each)/Pack

Packaged for ISO 5 (Class 100) applications.

Compliant with ASTM and IEST-RP-CC 005.3 standards.

Eliminates contamination risks from silicone oils, skin salts, particulates and plasticizers.

Unique, stand-Up Pouch, easy product identification.

We have both sterile and non-sterile options available

Vinyl Gloves

Size: S-XL, Length 12” Ambi

Quantity: 100 gloves per poly bag

100% PVC co-polymer (no latex) for ISO 5 (Class 100) applications.

Naturally anti-static-1010 ohms.

ESD Safe to ANSI/ESD S20.20-2014.


Meets or exceeds all applicable requirements of IEST-RP-CC005.2.

Nitrile Gloves


Length: 12” Ambi

Quantity: 100 gloves

100% nitrile (no latex) for ISO 5 (Class 100) applications.

Naturally anti-static- 109 ohms.

ESD Safe to ANSI/ESD S20.20-2014.

Manufactured without plasticizers, silicone or powders.

Consistently low particulates and extractible ion levels.

Meets or exceeds all applicable requirements of IES-RP-CC005.2.

Wide range of specific and general use gloves available for all industries in Non Sterile & Sterile.


We have range of fingercots available including the following:

  • Latex - Anti-static (ISO 5 / Class 100)
  • Latex - Static Dissipative (ISO 5 / Class 100)
  • Nitrile (ISO 5 / Class 100)

Thermal Gloves

We have range of thermal gloves available including the following:

  • Dry Thermal Protection
  • Wet / Dry Thermal Protection
  • Static Dissipative, (ISO 5 / Class 100)
  • Gloves / Mitts
Glove liners, also known as under gloves, makes wearing a cleanroom glove more comfortable to the operator. They can also double as an excellent inspection glove.

Half Finger Glove Liners

Size: Large

Quantity: 10 per pack

Description: Comfortable, long term use cleanroom liners for any industry position requiring nitrile, latex or other glove types.
The Half-fingered design allows that all important tactile feel while wicking the moisture away from the palm with it’s special fiber construction.

Full Finger Glove Liners

Size: Large

Quantity: 10 per pack

Description: Ideal for any industry requiring long-term, hours-long use of latex, nitrile or other types of gloves.
Special fiber construction enables moisture wicking during extended wear for comfort.
Full-finger design enables total protection for the most sensitive glove users.

Mop Systems

Our cleanroom mopping systems generate extraordinarily low particle levels and are packaged in our ISO 4 cleanroom environment, making them compatible for a wide range of applications.

In addition, we offer an innovative isolator cleaning tool for those small hard to reach areas including isolators, laminar flow hoods, biosafety cabinets, class II BSC, glove boxes, and more!

Our mops and cleanroom cleaning tools are used across many different industries and controlled environments, including laboratories, biotech research facilities, and other aerospace, electronics, and semiconductor, circuit board, healthcare (USP 797), and biomedical device manufacturing.

Peel-off Tacky Mats

This multi-layered mat removes dirt and dust from foot traffic and equipment wheels prior to their entry into a clean or controlled environment.

Each numbered layer is fully coated with a particle grabbing adhesive.

Once the top layer is saturated, a quick and easy removal of that layer exposes the next layer and returns the mat to maximum efficiency.


Dygiene Cleaning Solution

Dygiene is a concentrated, water-soluable. disinfecting cleaning fluid for regular cleaning where a bactericide is required.
Destroys both gram positive and gram negative bacteria.

Use diluted 1:20 with water or can be used full strength for stubborn marks.

Dyclean Concentrate

Dyclean is an all-purpose, water soluable concentrated cleaning solution for regular cleaning in most applications.
Use diluted 1:20 with water for regular maintenance.

It can be used for heavy duty cleaning as needed.

MTS Cleanroom Laundry Detergent

Used to launder all classifications of cleanroom garments including Class 100.

MTS Hard Surface Detergent

Cleans all surfaces and classifications of cleanroom.

MTS Degreasing Detergent

Document Systems

Cleanroom Paper & Notebooks

Paper and notebooks can be a major source of particles, bacteria and micro-organisms in the Cleanroom.

Our documentation systems are made of the highest quality BCR Class 100 Bond paper to minimize contamination.

Cleanroom Stools & Chairs

We supply a range of Class 100/ISO Class 5 Cleanroom stools & chairs.

Cleanroom Garments

The requirements for cleanroom garments will vary from company to company and from use to use.

Specialised gloves, face masks and head covers are standard in nearly every cleanroom environment.

Cleanroom Gowns and Coats are being used more and more.
Jumpsuits are required in extremely clean environments.

Specially designed fabrics that are certified for specific cleanroom garments are required in order to maintain cleanroom standards.

Often these highly specialized fabrics have an electrostatic discharge grid built into them.

It is also of utmost importance to ensure that all garments are made to specific standards as all seams, joints and parts of a proper cleanroom garment have to be sewn together using internationally recognized contamination control standards and this cannot be skipped or the cleanroom environment will be compromised.


  • Lab Coats
  • Jumpsuits
  • Coveralls
  • Hoods
  • Conti suits


  • Coveralls
  • Mops Caps
  • Masks
  • Overshoes
  • Beard Covers
  • Sleeve Protectors